About Us

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Nurturing a Sustainable Future.

Naturion is dedicated to guiding people towards adopting healthier lifestyles. We are constantly looking for innovative ideas and technologies to develop reliable products to support your wellbeing.

We believe in playing a proactive role in improving health by sharing our knowledge of wellness with as many people as we can. We hope to always contribute positively to your personal and environmental wellbeing through expertly developed products to enhance both your living spaces and your life.


Commitment & Values

Our Commitment

Negative ions exist in abundance in nature, and possess healing properties that benefit psychological and physiological wellness. We are committed to continuously developing and delivering effective negative ion-based solutions that protect and nurture you, for a more sustainable future.

Our Values

Proactive Care For All

Understanding the needs and living spaces of our clients helps us to create safe and nurturing environments, improving both mental and physical wellbeing to protect your family’s health.

One With Nature

We believe nature is the best healer. Our negative-ion technology mimics nature’s inherent cleansing processes, delivering revitalising freshness and give you the best of natural living.

Inspired Technology

We are advocates for confident and positive living. We are devoted to continuous innovation, developing inspired technology to help you embrace cleaner and healthier lifestyles for a positive future.

About Serumi

Serumi is an international environmental science and technology company that is dedicated to providing innovative products to support healthy living in an increasingly polluted global environment. We believe in contributing to society and guiding people to the adoption of healthier lifestyles through leading technology.

We provide a range of medical, air quality and water quality products that use intelligent negative ion technology to remove pollutants, allergens, dust and other unwanted particles. Our technology is designed to replicate the air cleansing process that is found in nature, restoring natural bright freshness to your environment.

Our Motto:

Life is precious; your health is our priority.

Our Business Culture:

We are dedicated to diligent and continuous efforts towards product and service improvements to serve you better.

Our Mission:

To provide enhanced living environments and holistic health benefits through innovation of advanced technology.

Our Values:

Trust, Clients, Technology, Environmental Sustainability.

Our Brand Personality:

Faithful, Kind, Diligent







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